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The Homepage, Poetry & Artwork of Steven R. McEvoy

This is my homepage but most of my web presence is on my blog, Book Reviews and More. It is a collection of my published and unpublished writing, mostly book reviews, with a few articles and reflection's.  If you want to poke around here the key sections are Poetry, Artwork, and Lists or return Home.

I was originally accepted into university in Fine Art (both at York and University of Waterloo), but not at the school I wanted to go to. So instead I started in General Arts hoping to transfer into the program at Queen's, that did not happen. These are some of the pieces that were in my portfolio back in the day. 

   Color Study Emotions
   Color Study Feelings
   Dedication to the Human Race
   Oil Film Study
   Return to Oz
   Still Life Study
   Self Portraits
   Sculpted Canvas #1
   Sculpted Canvas #2 Life
   Sculpted Canvas #3 TV


Above is a 5*5 foot painting I did of  "A Woman reclining, Love lost"

my one and only attempt at cubism,  

Acrylic on Canvas monochromatic blue.

Above is a 5*5 foot painting of a tree at night.

It is acrylic on canvas, and was my first sculpted canvas.

It was painted as a whole and then the middle cut out, reframed and reinserted.

Photo of SRMcEvoy
Photo of SRMcEvoy
Photo of SRMcEvoy
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