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Artwork Colour Study Emotions

The Homepage, Poetry & Artwork of Steven R. McEvoy

This is my homepage but most of my web presence is on my blog, Book Reviews and More. It is a collection of my published and unpublished writing, mostly book reviews, with a few articles and reflection's. If you want to poke around here the key sections are Poetry, Artwork, and Lists.

I was originally accepted into university in Fine Art (both at York and University of Waterloo), but not at the school I wanted to go to. So instead I started in General Arts hoping to transfer into the program at Queen's, that did not happen.

Painint Colour Study Emotions - SRMcEvoy

Above is a 2*3 foot painting I did a colour study of emotions. 

Acrylic on Canvas.

Below is as 1*2 foot painting a colour study of emotions shown to the public.

Acrylic on masonite board.

Paining Colour Study Emotions - SRMcEvoy
Photo of SRMcEvoy
Photo of SRMcEvoy
Photo of SRMcEvoy
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