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The Homepage, Poetry & Artwork of Steven R. McEvoy
and other lists of books read and movies seen.

This is my homepage but most of my web presence is on my blog, Book Reviews and More. It is a collection of my published and unpublished writing, mostly book reviews, with a few articles and reflection's.  If you want to poke around here the key sections are Poetry, Artwork, and Lists or return Home.

I have always been a person who created lists. In part to keep track of what needs to be done and what has been done. When I decided to be more intentional about reading I started keeping track of all the books I read. This section of my site has lists for:


    All Books Read Each Year
    Favourite Books Year Each Year

    Catholic Books Read by Year
    Favourite Authors Year Each Year
    All Movies Watched Each Year
    Favourite Movies Each Year    
    Top Ten Lists (A little old and out of date but does get update occasionally.

Photo of SRMcEvoy
Photo of SRMcEvoy
Photo of SRMcEvoy
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